Special Thanks for 2009

I am still amazed at the work that goes into a bottle of wine. Just think of it, in order for a Selene wine lover to open and enjoy a bottle of our wine, a lot of dedicated people have to do their jobs first.

Growers/Vineyards: They say it starts in the vineyard, no exception here, Mia considers herself fortunate to have longtime relationships with great farming families (Frediani, Hyde), vineyard owners (Lisa Cort, David Goldman), vineyard managers (Mike Wolf) and their crews.

Winery: While we don’t own a winery, the crew at Laird is like our family. They work hard to get Selene from grape to bottle, cased and on a pallet.

Winemaker: A winemaker is a good thing to have. Mia has been working with wine in Napa Valley since 1983. What she still loves most is making wine.

Web Master: Without him(John Gavin), our website would be outdated and ugly. Not only wouldn’t we get a mailing offer out, you wouldn’t see his awesome bottle shots, or the great label he made for our one time Rosé.

Suppliers: We need barrels, bottles, labels, corks, capsules, yeast. They all made it happen, and made it (and us) look good in the process.

Truckers: Once it’s in the bottle, and packed in cases, someone has to get it to the warehouse. These are the same great folks that also get it from warehouse to warehouse, state to state.

Warehousing/Shipping: These people watch over our cased goods just like at Fort Knox. Okay, not really, but they take darn good care of our wine. Plus, if you ordered that bottle directly from us, Noreen packs it up and sets it up with FedEx or UPS.

Shippers: FedEx, UPS and our local delivery folks (James and Fran) at Wine Country Transit. Without your favorite driver, how would you get your wine?

Distributors: We have a bunch of dedicated sales people that believe in Selene, and go out and make cold calls (to restaurants and wine shops), telling our story and pouring our wine because they believe it’s good juice.

Sommelier’s/Wine Buyers: The person working the restaurant floor, the one that knows what’s going to pair best with your meal tonight. This group of dedicated wine-loving individuals hand sell each bottle, every night.

Wine Shops/Restaurants: Whether it’s your local haunt, or while out of town, you need a good bottle and they have it. (There are some restaurants and wine shops that have supported Mia since the beginning.)

So a huge Thank You, to everyone who made it possible for us at Selene Wines in 2009!

Thank YOU for supporting Mia and I in doing what we love to do, and obviously it’s what you love also, sharing good wine with friends.

Oh, and talking about sharing, enjoy “Selene” tonight (The Blue Moon – second full moon) she will take us from the old year to the new year.

We are wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year!