Capsules Part Three – Final Product

As you recall, Mia and I had fun designing a Capsule for the Dead Fred package.

Dead Fred Capsule Mockup

We chose this design as our new Capsule. (There are two parts to a capsule, the ‘skirt’ and the ‘top’.) There was a reason for every choice we made in this design.

1. We had the skirt of the capsule colored to match the background color of the Selene label. This really pulled the package together!
2. We added a red strip at the bottom of the skirt, to match the red on the Selene label.
3. The red strip with S E L E N E printed twice was cool, because you could see SELENE, even if it was an open bottle at another table and the label was turned away from you.
4. The top color was the same red as the strip (matched to the red color the label), with Fred there upside down (he was a black cat), with the vineyard name and Cabernet. So you know what it is, and where it came from.

Brilliant! Right? It was all good until we took it to the capsule company and they explained how Tin capsules are made, and why we couldn’t have our design.

First, the base color of the capsule is the fixed starting point. You chose your color, and the rest of the capsule is colored OVER that. If we chose the Cream color, and had the Red applied to the top and bottom, there would be a cream strip BELOW the red SELENE Strip. (the red couldn’t be applied at the VERY bottom) Maybe only 1 or 2mm of cream color below the red strip, but it moved the red SELENE strip UP the skirt. UGH.

The other option was to start with a RED capsule, then put a Cream color band in the middle of the skirt. The problem was the Cream would be a fixed length, meaning we either had to make the Red on the top, extend DOWN over the drip ring, or make our red strip at the bottom larger. UGH.

Either way, it was ugly. Our design went from classy to tacky within 2 minutes. The final beating with the ugly stick came with the knowledge that we couldn’t have “Fred” in the upside down position on the top. Fred would be printed, then the wording would be printed around him. He could be in any position, and it didn’t matter if we made the writing the same black color as the picture of Fred, they still had to do it as two passes, which meant no controlling where Fred was in relation to the wording.

We took our design back and decided to change everything based on our new found knowledge.

06 DF Capsule

We ended up chosing our two most important features. The top, and the strip, while sticking with the red capsule to identify the Cabernet in the Selene lineup.

Dead Fred Top

You will find the new capsule on our 2006 Dead Fred Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chesler Capsule

This made designing the Chesler capsule a piece of cake. It will be on all bottles starting with the 2006 vintage! – Skippy