Tracy and I went out sampling today. We sampled from three different vineyards. Two separate blocks at Frediani in Calistoga, one Merlot and one Cabernet Franc. The Merlot is a little bit ahead of the Cab Franc, at about 24 brix and tastes pretty good. The Cab Franc is at 23.8 brix and looks like it needs a little bit more time. The Merlot could very well be next week. The Franc might need to get into the following week before it’s ready to go.

We sampled the Bressler’s vineyard in St. Helena, and some Merlot there looks like it’s ready to go very shortly.

Then we went to the Blue Oak Vineyard where we have some Cabernet, down in the Coombsville area of Napa. That one is at 22.8 brix and looking really, really good. The color that comes out from the juice is wonderful. It’s lost most of its herbaceous flavor, and we are just getting a bit more sugar, and waiting for fruit flavors to develop just a little further. But it is looking real good.

Soon, I’ll need to sample the Stagecoach Vineyards Cabernet, which is also a Selene pick that will be coming up.

We stopped in at Laird to check in on the barrel fermentations. Everything is fermenting. Some of them are overflowing a little bit out of the barrel, very active. They smell really good, there is nothing like a white barrel fermentation, as I mentioned before.

We are going after the last of the Sauvignon Blanc this Friday as planned. So we will be finishing off the whites at the end of the week and then start to go into some reds.

One of my clients will be picking on Thursday, a small young piece that is on a rocky hilltop that’s ready. I think next week will start to tick off a few more of these red vineyards and we’ll get into harvest in a serious way.

We have had some nice warm weather this week that I think has helped out. We didn’t have any thunderstorms develop in Napa from that storm that came through on Tuesday. So that was encouraging. I think south of here, they picked up varying amounts of rain and lots of lightning.