Picking Cabernet Sauvignon

Harvest Moon

The full ‘Harvest’ Moon on October 3rd was beautiful! We sat outside and watched it rise.

On October 6th, we picked the Dead Fred Cabernet down in Coombsville. We have 4.7 tons of Dead Fred resting in tank. It’s great this year!

Mia sorting

This is a picture of Mia and Chris Benz, the production manager at Laird, pulling leaves and other things from the grapes as they go up the belt to the hopper. I joined in as well. Chris found a frozen little frog, that I warmed up in my hands before he hopped off into the gardens. Most of the time you are pulling out green leaves, but there is an occasional big rock. We also found a picking knife!

Mia took this video of Crushing Dead Fred, so you get an idea of the process.

Tomorrow, October 7th, Mia will be picking the Bressler Petite Verdot and their Cabernet Sauvignon. – Skippy

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  1. Nice video, I always enjoy seeing the harvest photos and video from around the country. At least you didn’t have to pick in the middle of the night because of temperatures like some Cab producers try to….that always strikes me as a big problem to have.

  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for posting your thoughts. Everyone really liked Mia’s video’s this year.

    Lots of reasons to do a night pick. Mia has done them before. Here are just a couple reasons.. there are more!

    This time it was because rain was predicted for the afternoon. http://blog.selenewines.com/?p=262 Can’t crush grapes in the rain, when your crusher is outside.

    Sometimes it’s about the grower, and how busy they are, they start picking at night to get everything in. You want your pick done, they only have a night slot, you take it.

    When you don’t have your own winery, and custom crush like we do, it’s about who gets their grapes to the winery first. If we have 4 tons of Cab coming in, and another winery has 25 tons, it’s about who gets there first. We don’t want our 4 tons sitting there all day in the sun while the 25 tons is getting crushed first.

    Night picks are really cool to watch!


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