Frediani Merlot is IN!

Today we brought in just under 3 tons of Merlot from Frediani Vineyards up in Calistoga.

Mia was up and out before daylight to get up to Calistoga and watch the pick. She also had some other vineyards to walk through and sample before heading to the winery for the processing of the Merlot.

You might remember Mia talking about the shot berries in the Merlot and that ‘set’ and bloom was uneven, so she wanted to put the Merlot through the sorting table to make the best Merlot possible.

I went out to Dead Fred Vineyard to sample the Cabernet Sauvignon for Selene before meeting Mia at the winery.

Dead Fred St. George

Here is a picture of one of the new root stocks out at Dead Fred. You can tell the St. George root stock really likes it here. From walking through the vineyard and tasting everything, I told Mia I thought it tasted good and we should pick (like I know what I’m doing). As usual, she laughed and said, “you always want to pick, and it’s not ready yet”. My samples from the upper and lower block averaged out at 25.8 Brix.

We met up at the winery for the Merlot crushing. Mia was on the sorting table line, and I joined in also.

I was able to get this video of the whole process, so you can see what kept us busy before lunch.

Frediani Merlot in T-Bin

The Merlot tastes really good. Mia’s happy with the results from the sorting. This is a picture of the Merlot in the T-Bins we are fermenting it in. It’s not enough to put into a tank, so the T-bins are great for small lots like the Merlot. – Skippy

2 Replies to “Frediani Merlot is IN!”

  1. Why “Dead Fred”?
    Jimmy& I used to crush a field blend we aptly anointed Dreaded Fred Red” but no longer. Hope crush & the market is treating you kindly!


  2. Hi Paul!

    The vineyard is named Dead Fred, after the cat the vineyard owners had. Fred lived a very long happy, and was put to rest under the oak trees that look over the vineyard.

    We are doing great, and hope everything is as well with you!

    Tracy (aka Skippy)

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