Fermentations means Taste, Taste, Taste!

Today is Sunday, which means we aren’t picking, but we are tasting. We rode over to the winery on our motorcycles to taste all the fermentors and see how everything is coming along.

It’s a treat to ride during harvest, as we don’t usually get the time to ride, and even if we get a day off, we are too tired to ride. Mia and I both have to feel like we are on our “A” game before we get on a motorcycle, so today was a treat!

Mia likes to taste the fermentations every day, because the juice is changing so quickly. If she needs to make an adjustment, or addition, it won’t be too late.

The Bressler Cab Franc was picked first (Sept. 24th), and wow does it taste good! The Selene Cab Franc (Sept. 25th) tastes good also, but you can tell it’s a day behind in fermentations, as it’s still juicy sweet. The Cabernet for Boyanci Wine just came in yesterday, so it’s the youngest.

We have also been tasting the Sauvignon Blanc trials every week.

Sauv Blanc taste test

This is back on September 8th. It’s the three different yeasts we are using this year. Look at that last glass! Fermenting away, and it tastes the best too!

Sauv Blanc Yeast trials

This is on September 21st. It’s the three yeasts, but one of them is in 3 different French Oak barrels (St. Martin, Seguin Moreau and Nadalie). They all taste really good. Mia is really happy with how all three yeasts have done so far, and the barrels.

Currently the Sauvignon Blanc is dry, and is being stirred on it’s lees. It’s still in barrels and is all topped up (since there isn’t any more fermentation going on).

Tomorrow is the Malbec pick from Stagecoach for Boyanci, and Tuesday we are picking the Selene Merlot up at Frediani Vineyards in Calistoga. Mia mentioned both will go through the sorting table, so hopefully we will get some video! – Skippy