Picking Bressler and Frediani

Mia was up bright and early yesterday for the first pick of reds. She was up at Bressler Vineyards for their Cabernet Franc and Merlot picking. The fruit came in really clean and it’s all in a tank soaking away.

Mia sampled the Bressler Petit Verdot (24.6 brix) and the Cabernet (24.4 brix) while she was there. Both are moving along nicely!

This morning, bright and early again, was the Frediani Cabernet Franc pick for Selene. Mia said we got about 3 tons of really yummy Franc. She has commented more than once how good the Franc tastes this year, at both Frediani and at Bressler.

Tomorrow morning is a Cabernet Sauvignon pick for Boyanci Wine.

Three days in a row! I’m sure there won’t be any rest for the weary/wicked on Sunday, as Mia will probably be over at the winery checking in on everything.

I’ve been asking her about Dead Fred Vineyard (Cabernet for Selene), since we haven’t been there in a while, and it seems like everything is starting to turn a corner and ripen up. She went down there (Coombsville) and sampled the two sections that are planted on St. George root stock (because it gets ripe first) and was surprised to find it’s about 25.0 brix. She said the color of the juice is incredible, it’s really dark red.

We have scheduled the Frediani Merlot pick for next Tuesday, September 29th. I’m sure we will be sampling Dead Fred again, and putting it on the schedule also! – Skippy