Merlot Crop Set

Mia and I went out to Frediani Vineyards today to walk through the Merlot vineyard. We are picking the Cabernet Franc on Friday, September 25, and wanted to see if the Merlot was going to be ready to pick at the same time. The Merlot has been dragging it’s feet, so the sugars aren’t moving.

On the 17th she got 23.4 brix.
On the 21st she got 23.8 brix.

When you walk through this vineyard, you can see there was a problem with ‘set’ (when bloom happens and the flowers set into fruit). As we mentioned before the weather we had this spring was start/stop, warm/cold, and vines don’t like that much, especially at bloom time.

Bare Merlot vine

So you have vines that look like this. Hello, where’s the Merlot?

Got Merlot vine

And you have vines that look like they have a good crop on them.

Mia at Frediani

Mia and I both did some sampling and crushed up the berries at the truck. Today we got 25.0 brix. Finally! Now we can set the pick date.

This is Mia’s ‘Movie’ of what’s going on here in the Merlot. Enjoy! – Skippy