Winemaker goes Hollywood!

Ah, it seems like just yesterday that I talked Mia into getting a blackberry. (It’s been almost two years.) It’s been really good for her to have since she travels and is out in the vineyards, and at the winery, more than at a desk.

Recently, I drug her to the store to get the new Blackberry Tour. She dug her heels in hard, saying she liked her old Blackberry just fine, and didn’t need a new fancy one.

I showed her that it had a camera! Not only that, but it can record video’s too! Think of all the possibilities! She said she didn’t need a camera or a video recorder. (sigh) I showed her how to take a picture (of me) while we were waiting for all the paperwork to be finished, the IT department (me again) prevailed and she walked out with her new toy.

Since then, she’s been doing video’s everytime she goes out to the vineyards to sample, walk through, and generally see how things are doing this harvest. She’s been uploading and adding them to her tweets! I can’t even get her to take the ‘real’ camera with her anymore. She said, “why? I have a camera in my blackberry!”.

Yesterday, she learned how to convert and combine multiple video’s into one “Movie”. Granted it took a couple emails to our web guy John (Westeggweb) but 3 hours later, she’s gone Hollywood on me!

What have I done!!???

So, we will be adding Director Mia’s movies to the blog now and again, so you can see what’s happening in the vineyards this year.

Here are a couple to get you started! We had some rain over the weekend, and Mia got out to the vineyards to see how much rain there actually was, and how it effected the vineyards.

This first one is at Frediani Vineyard, up in Calistoga, in the Cabernet Franc block.

This is also at Frediani Vineyards in the Merlot block.

I’m headed off to Colorado for two days of Trade tastings. I’m sure Mia will be making more movies while I’m gone! – Skippy