Checking out all the Reds

Now that the Sauvignon Blanc is all in and fermenting away, we can focus on the red varieties. The last time we sampled was seven days ago.

Mia made the rounds again today to sample all the red vineyards. First up is Bressler Vineyards in St. Helena.

Bressler Cabernet Franc

The Bressler Cab Franc looks great! Mia’s sample tested at 23.4 brix and 20% to 25% of the seeds are still green. (Last sample on Sept. 1st was 22.0 Brix)

Bressler Merlot

The Bressler Merlot sample was 24.9 brix with about 5+% seeds still green. (Last sample was 24.3 brix, so this is moving slower than the Franc)

Bressler Petit Verdot

The Bressler Petit Verdot sample was 22.1 brix with 5% to 10% seeds still green.

Bressler Cabernet

The Bressler Cabernet Sauvignon sample was 23.3 brix with 60% of the seeds still green. This is a ways off, but Mia wanted to get a good baseline on it to see how it’s moving.

Then she went up to Frediani Vineyards in Calistoga to sample the Merlot and the Cab Franc for Selene.

Frediani Merlot

The Merlot sample came in at 23.9 brix with 20% of the seeds blonde to green. Last week it sampled at 22.7 Brix.

Frediani Cab Franc

The Cab Franc sample was 22.8 brix with 40% of the seeds blonde to green. This is the first sample we have taken of the Franc. You might remember the last time we were here it had just finished verasion.

This is going to be the routine for the next couple of weeks as everything gets closer to picking. We need to get down to the Dead Fred Vineyard to sample the Cabernet for Selene soon! – Skippy