Hyde Musque

Here we are, it’s late Tuesday afternoon, and we have all the Block One Sauvignon Blanc down to barrels for fermenting. I went to the winery today to look at them, and they smell really good. The batch that went down to barrels on Saturday is in the high 21 brix area, and the Block that went down on Sunday is just below 23 brix, so they are just starting to ferment. They have wonderful aromas. I wish I could let everyone smell a white juice fermentation, especially Sauvignon Blanc, they smell so delicious. So those two picks are good, they are put to bed in a combination of about 50% new French oak barrels and the rest is in stainless steel barrels, and fermenting away nice and happily.

We are going to go after the second half of the Sauvignon Blanc, from Larry Hyde, which is Block Two, the oldest block of Sauvignon Blanc at Hyde Vineyards. It is the original Musque Block, and it’s looking good. We do have a few tropical clouds streaming over the area. Hopefully none of the thunderstorms that are in the forecast develop. I don’t think anyone wants water on grapes right now. It looks okay for now, but I understand they got a bit of rain south of us, so I hope we don’t get any.

The rest of the stuff I have been doing has been mostly for clients. Tasting grapes, and juice and arranging for picks. I will be going out to sample red grapes tomorrow, so I’ll know where the Selene red grape vineyards stand. For now, we are just waiting for the Sauvignon Blanc pick and enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having recently, good ripening weather, and waiting for things to ripen on the vine.