2006 Sauvignon Blanc Blend

We put together the final Sauvignon Blanc blend.  It was interesting to taste all the different lots we had.  They came from two different vineyard blocks, and the three different picking dates and then among those lots you have stainless steel barrel fermentations and oak barrel fermentations.  It’s always fun to see how they all come together. 

As you may remember from last year, it’s not just a matter of cherry picking.  To make the best blend, which was better than my favorite lot, we only used half of my favorite lot to make the final blend.  Blending is complicated thing, and you can’t predict with 100% accuracy what is going to happen and you certainly can’t pick out your favorite lots and just throw them together.

This year everything came together very nicely.  The oak barrel portion which is 100% new French oak, came in at over 40% after we were done fermenting.  It added a wonderful power to the mouth.  It doesn’t stay in the oak barrels long enough to pick up a whole lot of oak character, only 6 to 8 weeks during fermentation.  The stainless steel barrel portion is just a perfect expression of the wonderful Sauvignon Musque fruit from Larry Hyde. 

2006 SB Label 

This is a special vintage for us.  It’s our 15th anniversary of making Sauvignon Blanc from Hyde Vineyards.  You’ll notice when you see the label that we’ve added a special “15th Anniversary” and a special thank you to Larry Hyde for being such a joy to work with the past 15 years.