Sauvignon Blanc Harvest at Hyde Vineyards

Picking Sauv Blanc

Mia was up and out at Hyde Vineyards before the sun came up. She likes to be there before the picking starts to make sure everything is set up and all involved are on the same page.

SB Bins at Hyde

It’s exciting since it’s the first pick of this Harvest. Mia’s happy she was able to get on Larry Hyde’s schedule for today, since the weather forecast says we are going to have a hot weekend, and the winery is going to take Labor Day off. Which means we wouldn’t be able to bring grapes in until Tuesday.

SB Pick at Hyde

Larry was going to drive the first truck load of grapes to the winery, so Mia jumped in with him and helped with strap removal at the winery. The pick continued while they were making their winery run. They were back in time for lunch and got the second truck loaded.

SB Bins

Once the second truck was off loaded at the winery, the press was loaded and all the juice was put into one tank to settle overnight. Mia says there was 11 tons total, and sugars were good at 23.8 brix in the tank.

She’ll head back to the winery tomorrow to get the juice down to barrels and get the fermentation started. – Skippy