2009 Napa Valley Harvest Theme

Since we have had a chance to visit most of the vineyards and sample everything once or twice, I asked Mia what stands out in her mind, if anything, or what is the theme of this year’s harvest.

Without thinking very long at all, she says “Flavors are coming on fast.”

I hadn’t noticed until she said it, but it’s true. I’ve been really surprised by the flavors in all the vineyards we have sampled so far.

The flavors in the Sauvignon Blanc at Hyde Vineyards came on very fast. It’s not like the sugars went up fast, it was just the flavors in the grapes that really stood out each time we sampled them.

The same is true for the Merlot and Cabernet Franc we have sampled. It’s not just about tart or sweet, but the flavors grab you first, and the textures.

After our last sampling of Sauvignon Blanc at Hyde, Mia called Larry to get a picking date scheduled. Larry was all booked up for Friday, but he could get us in on Thursday, September 3rd. Mia confirmed the date with the winery, so we are all set for our first pick!

The weather has been very warm. It’s not that we don’t have hot days in late August and September, it just that the forecasters keep saying it will be cool, but instead we have record breaking heat.

Usually it cools down at night, but that hasn’t been happening this week. It was 80 degrees at 8pm tonight. Mia commented that she’s really happy we are picking tomorrow, since it was suppose to be cool this week, and it hasn’t been cool at all!

Then Mia smiled and reminded me where “Selene” (the Greek Goddess of the Full Moon) is currently. Not only is the full moon on September 4th (We are picking on September 3rd) but it’s a Harvest Moon as well!

We will be up before the rooster tomorrow, ready to bring in the first crop for Selene! – Skippy