Racking the 2006 Reds

Just before Christmas in December, we racked our two Merlots and Cabernet Franc after malolactic fermentation.  We like to get them a little breath of fresh air and get them off the heavy solids (a by-product of the malo fermentation), then get them back into barrel.

Later in January we racked the Dead Fred Cabernet for the same reason.

The Bressler Cabernet was racked in the beginning of February.  As you might remember that fruit came in nice and cold, so it took a little longer to finish its primary fermentation so it is just a little bit behind the other reds, but it’s tasting really good. 

The rest of the Bressler wines, the Merlot, the Petite Verdot and the Cabernet Franc were racked at the same time as the Selene Merlots and Cab Franc.  They all came in earlier, so they finished their primary fermentation faster and therefore they finish their malolactic fermentation a little more quickly.

So, as of the beginning of February we have all the reds done with the post malolactic racking (PMR’s).  This is kind of their first step into real wine.  It’s when you can see them cross the line.  They certainly are much more “wine like” than grapes after their primary fermentation, but once you get them through malolactic it’s when they turn the corner into being wine.

We are looking forward to our first tasting, across the board, of these wines after their malolactic.  We will do that probably around the end of February or the first part of March.