Sampling all over the Valley!

Yesterday we were suppose to head up valley and sample the Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Frediani Vineyards for Selene, and the Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Bressler Vineyards, to get a baseline to work with and see how everything is moving along.

As we are heading out, Mia lets me know that she wants to go by Hyde Vineyards first to sample the Sauvignon Blanc…. AGAIN! We were just there on Friday, but with the hot weather we had over the weekend (103 and 106), and the picking schedule getting full with Larry Hyde, it’s a very smart move on Mia’s part to get out there and see where the sugars and acids are.

Hyde Vyd

The Sauvignon Blanc is moving along nicely, and the upper block is catching up with the lower block fairly fast.

After we both walked the vineyard and did our sampling, we agreed that we are not far away from picking. The flavors are exceptional this year. The grapes are really juicy and taste really good.

Here are our sampling results:

Upper Block 23.0 brix
Down Block 23.3 brix

Mia sampling Merlot at Frediani

Then we went up to Calistoga to sample the Merlot and Cabernet Franc at Frediani Vineyard. This vineyard is a favorite of mine. The views in every direction are beautiful.

Frediani Merlot

The Merlot crop looks light this year. It tastes really good though, and our sampling produced 22.7 brix.

Frediani Cab Franc

We walked the Cabernet Franc vineyard, but didn’t sample it. Jim (Frediani) let Mia know that it just finished with verasion (color change), and you could see that in some of the clusters. The grapes aren’t as sweet as the Merlot is, but they have more texture than the Merlot.

Cabernet vyd

There is a new Cabernet block across from the Franc that looks really nice!

Bressler Vyd Merlot

Then we went to St. Helena to the Bressler’s. Mia got samples of the Merlot and Cabernet Franc there. The Merlot looks really good here, and tastes more ripe than the Frediani Merlot. The sample came in at 24.3 brix.

Bressler Vyd Cab Franc

The Cabernet Franc looks incredible! Sample here was 22.0 brix.

Bob and Stacey Bressler treated us to lunch at TraVigne! I love their pizza and their mozzarella. Bob brought a 1989 Chave Hermitage that was beautiful! Now I can say I’m officially in Harvest mode after that great lunch! – Skippy