Celebrating 5 Years of Wine Blogging!

It’s hard to believe, but Selene Wines Blog is five years old! Well, technically it’s only four years old, because the first harvest that Mia blogged about was the 2004 Harvest, and she did that for Wine Spectator.

Mia got started with blogging when Wine Spectator asked her and a few other winemakers to do a ‘Harvest Blog’ for their on-line site. Wine Spectator has continued that tradition, so you can check out what harvest is like all over the world, through a winemaker’s eyes.

It is difficult to get Mia to sit indoors at a desk, and get her to type for any long period of time on a computer. It’s just not her thing. She’d rather be outside ‘really’ doing something. So, as you may imagine, it was almost impossible to get her to do blog posts back in 2004 during Harvest.

However, she had fun doing it, and there was a lot of great feedback, so I talked her into starting her own blog for the next harvest, 2005. That’s when the Selene Harvest Blog was born.

I quickly remembered what I learned the year before about getting a winemaker to sit down at a computer and type blog posts, even for their own blog.

Voice Recorder

So I did what any techie would do, I got her a digital voice recorder, and rather than making her sit down, I got her to talk into the recorder. Then I played it back and transcribed it for the blog (editing while I went).

We had the great idea of just doing audio posts, so you could hear Mia’s voice rather than read posts, but that was quickly squashed as we got deep into Harvest 2006, and Mia’s recordings sounded more like someone who forgot what they were talking about (we call this winemaker harvest brain).

The 2007 Harvest was a little easier for the blog posts, as the harvest itself was stretched out, giving Mia more time to write.

With the 2008 Harvest, I started doing some posting on the blog also. It’s been fun to ask Mia questions and pass on what I learn.

This year, Mia and I are both posting on the blog. Mia has been taking some great pictures of her own (without the ‘red sock puppet’ which is another blog post).

With the Harvest of 2009 we have added Twitter to the blog, so you can follow Mia’s tweets @selenewines where she has been posting short video’s of her trips through the vineyards.

Selene also has a Facebook page SeleneWines now so you can join in our antics, and we can stay in touch with everyone.

So thanks for reading the past 5 years of harvests with Mia! Now back to the 6th year of blogging about Harvest and Wines! – Skippy