Sampling Sauvignon Blanc

SB row of grapes

Mia wanted to go back and sample the Sauvignon Blanc at Hyde Vineyards today. I swear we JUST sampled it! Not that she needed it, but I reminded her that the grapes were pretty tart three days ago. She says we will be sampling them at least twice a week or more in order to see how fast the sugars are moving and how the acids are doing.

Sauv blanc grapes

It’s going to be very hot today, probably over 100 degrees, so we got out in the morning before the temps got out of control. When we got to Hyde, we noticed Larry (Hyde) had the irrigation turned on, so the SB was getting a nice drink of water.

more green SB clusters

You can see there is a little difference between the upper block where the grapes are a little more green and tart, and down by the creek where they are more golden and sweeter.

small sb clusters

This usually happens every year, and the upper block catches up pretty quickly.


This is Mia using the refractometer to check the sugars on our samples. Here is what she got:

Tracy upper block: 20.8 brix
Mia upper block: 21.6 brix

Tracy down (creek) block: 21.6 brix
Mia down (creek) block: 21.6 brix

So there has been some movement, and I’m sure we will be out here again early next week. Next up, we are headed up valley to Calistoga so we can sample the Merlot and Cabernet Franc at Frediani Vineyard for Selene. We will also get out to Bressler Vineyards to sample the Merlot and Cabernet Franc there. – Skippy