Knock Knock!

Hyde Vyd

Well, I guess its official. Harvest time is knockin’ on the door. You can tell because everyone in the Valley ‘changes’ into their own version of Harvest Mode. Everyone we run into asks about Harvest, and when our first pick will be. It’s the first thing that comes up in conversation.

You can feel the anticipation from the crew at the winery, while they hustle to get all the equipment ready. The winemakers all start talking about sampling vineyards and what sugars are at. Even the staff at all the local restaurants ask when we will start picking.

While there has been picking going on for the sparkling wines, the still wines are just getting going this week. Mia has been busy getting barrels in order, ordering fermentation supplies, and wrapping up tastings before she puts on her harvest hat.

SB Vines

We went out to sample Hyde Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc for the first time and sampled the upper block and the ‘down by the creek’ block separately. Here are the results:

Tracy Up = 20.3 brix and Mia Up = 20.0 brix. Tracy Down = 20.6 brix and Mia Down = 20.4 brix.

SB small clusters

Clusters look good, even though the crop looks light this year.

SB Cluster

Mia says that we have a week or two to go before we will pick, depending on the weather. – Skippy