Dead Fred Vineyard Bloom

Back on June 16th, Mia and I went by Dead Fred vineyard to check out bloom and see how the vineyard was doing.

DF vineyard plantings

It was my first trip there since some of the vines have been replaced.

Dead Fred Growth

The growth is great, and Mia says the vines look good.

DF internode length

The internode length is getting shorter, so the vines will put more focus on the fruit from here on out, rather than growth.

st george rootstock

The new rootstock is St. George. Mia said you can spot it by the red edges around the outside of each leaf.


Bloom looks like it was uneven here at this vineyard.

DF not flowered cluster

There are the clusters that haven’t bloomed yet.

DF just flowered

Some clusters that have just finished with bloom.

berries set

Some clusters that look more like set berries.

DF clusters

In most of the vines, all of these different blooms stages are happening on the same vine.

This was caused by our uneven spring weather. It was cool here, then it would warm up for a week, and then go cool again. Vines don’t like that start-stop kind of weather.


The seeds are really soft, and not really developed yet. Mia said the next stage is seed hardening. – Skippy