Sauvignon Blanc Bloom at Hyde Vineyards

Mia and I went to Hyde Vineyards to check out how the Sauvignon Blanc had set during bloom.

hyde growth

The weather so far this year has been a little cool, and uneven. One week it’s warm, the next it’s cold. So it’s good to get out to different vineyards and see how the weather this spring has affected bloom and ‘set’ of the fruit.

creek vines at Hyde

The vines look really good, even down by the creek.

sb cluster

Mia says the clusters look small and loose. But in the next breath, she said they always look that way, and end up plumping up.

sauv blanc clusters

The good thing is all the clusters look even. They all bloomed at the same time, meaning there aren’t some clusters behind others in maturity.

We stopped and talked with Larry Hyde, and he indicated that he thought they looked small too, but they look that way every year, then plump up.

Then we had lunch at Farm, at The Carneros Inn. Chef Larry Singer did an amazing job on the food! I loved the goat cheese and beet salad, and the beet coulis put it over the top. The halibut on the sunchoke puree is not to be missed, and our strawberry dessert was awesome! We had the 2008 Selene Sauvignon Blanc, and the 2006 Peay Pomarium Pinot Noir with the meal. What a great Pinot!

Thanks to Gillian Ballance and Adam Kim for taking care of us during our meal! – Skippy