Sauvignon Blanc – Day Two

We finished picking Block one Sauvignon Blanc from Hyde Vineyard today. We got a little more today than yesterday, which is a little bit more than we were expecting, but it’s all good. I had two people with me today. Tracy came along and one of our friends, Chris Hendrix. Chris is really interested in wine and wanted to come out for a day. We were all leafing on the backs of the trailers, and talking with the tractor driver and the pickers. Then Tracy and Chris went over to the winery to see what white grapes have to go through to become wine.

On a technical note, Wayne Burgstahler, the welder I work with up in St. Helena, was able to get four stainless steel barrels updated for me. He was able to get them done much quicker than I thought so I picked them up and took him 4 more to work on. We will be using those for the juice we rack off settlings tomorrow, from yesterday’s pressing, when they go down to barrel.

We have grapes in the press now, and good juice coming off. I also received the analysis from the lab for yesterday’s pick and press. I couldn’t be happier. I even ran around the winery showing the press guys, and the winemaker at Laird the numbers. We got 23.1 sugar and 3.3 PH. I can’t ask for anything better in the way of numbers, and besides that, the darn stuff tastes good!

That juice will get racked off settlings tomorrow and down to barrels for fermentation. The stuff we are pressing today, the same thing will happen to it on Sunday. The last pick of Block two Sauvignon Blanc at Hyde will probably be this coming Friday. That will get the last of the Sauvignon Blanc in. I’ve been having fun with numbers for barrels, scheming on how much of the stainless steel barrels and how much French oak barrels I’m going to use for the fermentations.

It’s a good feeling knowing all this is happening on the full moon of September, which is known as the Harvest moon. Can’t ask for anything more than good numbers, a Harvest moon, and picking great Sauvignon Blanc.