Surfing and Wake Boards

People are always surprised to hear that Mia was in the junior life guards while she was growing up in Hermosa Beach.

She has stories about what happened to the kid that came in last on a bouy swim, so she made sure she wasn’t last. She loved surfing.

I have never been surfing, and she hasn’t been surfing since she was a kid. (Something about cold water up here, and looking too much like a seal around sharks.)

So it seemed appropriate for me to set up some surfing with a local when we went to Hawaii a couple of years ago. We had fun surfing North Shore (just a little inside break at Haleiwa). It was like riding a bike for Mia, and I had no trouble getting up and riding a few waves myself.

Then we took a vacation to Mexico, rented a house on the beach, and a couple surf boards. Mia was able to grab her board and surf the beach break whenever she wanted. This trip, I figured out that surfing was a lot of work. I preferred watching all the surfers while sipping my Corona’s on the beach.

Last summer we finally took up our friends (Lea and Annamarie) offer to join them at Lake Berryessa for some fun on their boat. I haven’t been tubing in years, and I forgot how much I love it!

Mia took some hard ribbing about not wanting to ski. I mean look at her mom on the Chesler label! But when the wakeboard came out, and she watched how easy Ryan made it look, she was ready to give it a shot.

Wake Boarding Winemaker

Did I mention she’s never wakeboarded before? She got up the first time, road around for a while. Fell, and got up first time again and road around going in and over the wake. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. – Skippy