Bud Break

Everywhere I turn, every blog I read, all I have been hearing about is Bud Break, Bud Break, Bud Break.

All the wineries are talking about it too.

I don’t really understand why it’s such a big deal. Well, I suppose it is a big deal, maybe I just don’t understand why so many people would advertise or write about their Bud break.


Don’t get me wrong, I used to buy the stuff by the case. I called it my ‘lawnmower’ beer.

I grew up a Bud Girl. Which wasn’t easy, since my Step-Dad was a Miller Man. Ah, the good ole days, taking turns dissing each other’s brand with discriptive possible orgins of each other’s favorite golden liquid.

I love beer. I’m an avid beer drinker. I used to hate wine (before I met Mia), which made it difficult, or embarassing, at fancy dinners. Picture everyone at the table having a nice glass of Cabernet with their prime rib, while I’m having a good porter or stout (if I was lucky and the place had a good beer – Moonlight Brewing’s Death and Taxes).

During weekend brunches, when everyone else was having a Bloody Mary, I was having a Tomato Beer.

When I first got into the wine business I was relieved to hear the old saying, “It takes a lot of good beer to make good (great) wine”. Maybe this was the place for me after all!

So, with that, I might as well jump on the band wagon and share our Bud Break stories as well.

Currently we are on a ‘Big Tasty Brew’ kick. No one is allowed to return from a store without a few “Big Tasty Brews” (22 oz’s!) in their bag.

Some of our current tastings:
Anderson Valley’s Deep Enders Dark Porter
Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye
New Belgium’s Lips of Faith Dark Kriek
Eel River Brewing Acai Wheat Berry
Rogue Ales – Brown, Kells, Morimoto
Moylan’s Paddy’s Irish
Redhook’s Double Black Stout

Anyway, you get the idea. If it comes in a 22 oz bottle, it’s making it’s way home.

Happy Bud Break! – Skippy