Day 3: Big Butter Jesus

Day 3. More Cincinnati (with a sneak into Northern Kentucky first) and then to Dayton.

First, to The Party Source in Bellevue, KY. You’d guess it was a big store by the name but you might not guess that they have quite the selection of fine wines, with upstairs perfectly temperature controlled storage, and a dedicated tasting room to evaluate vendor samples. Brian and Tony, very professional in a comfortable, casual way.

The Sauvignon Blanc sample bottle we had was unfortunately corked, but Jeff had more samples at his house so I got to check out the cool neighborhood that he and his wife and daughter live in.

On to the Dilly Café to taste with Chuck Warinner and Burke Morton. Excellent beer and wine selection here with tasty food to back it up. Jeff and I ended up having lunch here, mainly so I could try the Great Northern Porter that they just put on tap. Yummy.

We stop in to taste with Andrew Cecil (good luck with the new gig in Texas) at The Oceanaire and then we’re off to Dayton.

Jeff asks, “So, have you seen the Big Butter Jesus?”

“Pardon?” I query back, not sure that I heard the question. I find out that I heard correctly the first time, and tell him I haven’t. Catholics don’t really do that kind of Jesus…at least not when I was going to parochial school.

After I see it I email Tracy on my crackberry, “I just saw the Big Butter Jesus and you should be jealous.”

Now, I think I get the idea behind Twitter. It would be great to tweet about that. It is worth doing a google search on it, not just to see the image, but there is a great song on YouTube as well.

When we get to Dayton, we visit Arrow Wines and taste with the crew.

Then we head to the Dorothy Lane Market, where we do a winemaker dinner at the cooking school.

The food was great and the wines showed beautifully. A more enthusiastic crowd is hard to find and I think I ran the pen out of ink I signed so many bottles. Thank you to everyone there for a wonderful event.

Jeff and I drive up to Columbus that night to be ready for a presentation at the Vanguard Wines Sales meeting the next day. Then I’m headed back to Cali. – Mia