Ohio: Day 2 and Trio Bistro

Day 2. Next, Cincinnati. Well, Cincinnati with little trips over the border into Northern Kentucky.

Today I ride with Denise Sullivan of Vanguard Wines for the first day of Ohio.

Despite it being only her first month at the job, Denise is already a pro at wine sales AND she wins the clean car award, narrowly edging out Jeff Hickenlooper, a veteran of Vanguard, who I rode with the next day.

Denise took me to see my buddy Steve Dinnerstein of the Piazza Discepoli in Glendale and I also got to meet Marty Piazza at the Madeira store. These guys really know their business and I appreciate that.

Big shout to Kevin Isaacson at Hugo Restaurant; had fun tasting with you.

Lunch at Mesh; thanks Chandler and Kyle.

She took me to Jungle Jim’s for the first time; amazing. Big wine retail, an acre of produce, big gourmet grocery, cooking school (Denise still teaches there, BTW).

jungle jims vest

This is a picture of me with my Jungle Jims vest from a year ago. I was given this vest by Drew, of Vanguard, because he won it with a Selene Merlot at a Merlot taste off. Drew knows how much winemakers (especially me) love vests! Only fitting that I finally got to visit. Get there if you are near Fairfield, Ohio. Say hi to Ed Vinson and Todd Wiggs when you go.

Just over the river into Kentucky is Boutique Restaurant. Stephen, I’m coming there for dinner the next time I’m in Cincinnati.

The gang at Micro Wines kept me busy with the kind of questions you get from other winemakers, not retailers. Most in-depth information about the wines they sell.

I finish up this day with a winemaker dinner at Trio Bistro;


Thank you Gregg, Patrick, and Michael for a great time. – Mia