Chesler Label

The Chesler label has a pretty good following. It’s a picture of Mia’s mom, Eileen Chesler, waterskiing. It makes people smile.

Sometimes, it’s not only what is in the bottle, but what is on the label that connects people. We hear stories from people who grew up waterskiing, their mom’s that did competition waterskiing, and old Chris-Craft boats. Occassionally there is a lover of old cars, that is attracted to the style of font used for ‘Chesler’.

Once in a while, when we are at tastings someone asks, “Is that you on the label Mia?” I guess it’s because there is such a resemblance, and in today’s world you can make a picture look older than it really is. They are always surprised to hear that the picture is really from the late 1940’s. Look at those ski’s!

chesler label

The picture was probably shot from another boat, (there were at least three boats in the water that day) and it must have been planned, since in other pictures Eileen had on her bathing cap.


That’s her doing a shore landing.

The photo’s were taken by Allan Jackson.


He was well known for the photo he took in April 1945 of American and Russian soldiers shaking hands at the Elbe in Torgau, Germany.

I’m sure they are celebrating this weekend in Torgau as they do every year.

We have other pictures of ‘Ches’ (Eileen) taken by ‘Jackson’ that capture the moment as well.

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  1. Don’t see how that could have been shot fe a boat unless it was a fishing boat with a high bridge. I am thinking a real bridge or a lifeguard tower.

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