Wine Label Press Check!

One of the most important components needed for bottling are your Labels. Without them, your bottled wine is referred to as a ‘shiner’, which is a bottle of wine with no label applied. Besides there being a different set of laws associated with ‘shiners’, it’s no fun having to run your bottles through a labeler later (not to mention giving the winemaker a heart attack).

As with anything that is printed by different printing machines, the colors can vary. For this reason, we go to the ‘Press Check’ when our labels are printed.

A press check is the wineries’ chance to watch the labels being produced and change or modify the colors, right there on the fly. The label has (hopefully) already been approved by the Federal Government, so you don’t want to go changing wording, style, etc. since you would have to get it re-approved.

I love going to press checks. It’s pretty cool watching your label being made. The Selene label gets its colors, and the gold foil applied in one run, which is amazing to watch.

This press check was also for our new Rosé label, which came out great! The Rosé label went from yellow, to orange, to red as the printer was getting the label set up. We got the colors dialed in, and grabbed a sample for our mock up bottle.

Everyone at Herdell Printing really liked the new Rosé Label. You know you have a great label when you see positive reactions from these guys!

Once they finish printing the labels, they have their QC department check them all, then they deliver the roll to the winery for our bottling. – Skippy