Label Designing

Mia and I wanted to see if we could do a new label for the 2008 Selene Rosé in time for the bottling. The obvious problem is that neither one of us has any design experience, and I wanted something better than my best stick figure drawing.

Sure we know what we like, and we even have some ideas, but getting that down to a proof (a piece of paper you can tape on a bottle) is another thing. Besides we are kinda busy making and selling wine.

I had a lot of fun working with Chuck House while he designed the Chesler label. Everyone loves the label, which sports a picture of Mia’s mom (Eileen Chesler) from the late 1940’s, and the story Mia put on the back label.

Chuck designed the Selene label for Mia back in the early 90’s.

The other obvious issue is time… we didn’t have much of it. When I was thinking of who we could get to design it quickly, or maybe take our ideas and make some mock ups, I immediately thought of John over at WestEggWeb. He designs awesome websites, so why not an awesome label? Plus he’s great to work with, especially under time constraints.

Initially, John laughed and reminded me that he doesn’t design labels, but once I sent him our ideas and told him to give it a shot, he was hooked.

He sent us all the mockups from the ideas we had, and a few mockups from his own ideas. Mia and I loved what he had created on his own. There wasn’t any question about it, we liked his labels the best.

The next step is always the most fun for me. We got together with John, brought a bunch of bottles, and different capsules, and started playing around with his labels on the bottles. Basically, we made a bunch of wine bottles look like the real deal, to see what we liked the best.

There were three finalists that we brought home and stuck on the mantel to stare at for a week or so, but there was one clear favorite in all our minds, and that ended up being the design we went with.

We had the label company we work with, Herdell Printing, make a proof for us to approve, and more importantly, for me to use to get Federal Label Approval, which was quick and painless.

Mia is hunting down the capsule we chose, or one that is close to it.

Next we head to the printers for a Press Check. – Skippy