Selene Rosé of Cabernet

If you have been following along, you know this is the first time Mia has made a Rosé. I was pretty excited about the idea of drinking a Rosé with the Selene label on it. Then we got to thinking, do we want to put the Selene label on it or do a different label? It would be fun to do a different label, but there isn’t much time.

Then I realized that we would have to design the label, get it approved, find a new bottle, and a new capsule! Mia said if I could get the label done and approved in time, she could get the rest done, no problem.

We knew we wanted to have cork as our closure, which is the first step in determining what bottle we wanted, and if we’d need capsules.

Mia got a few sample bottles from our bottle supplier for us to look at. There was one we both liked right away, so we had a base to work with.

Designing new packages is fun and challenging. You find yourself looking at similar products at every store you go to. When we saw a bottle we liked in the store, we bought it, brought it home, drank it and kept the empty for mock ups and comparisons. I know what you’re thinking, rough duty!

There was one bottle I liked more than anything we could find; it was an imported French Rosé. Mia looked at the bottle closely and determined there was no way we could get it here in the US.

Now all we need is a label, some corks, and a capsule to finish it off. – Skippy