Poppyseed Cake

When Mia was at UC Davis studying to be a winemaker, she said some other winemaker friends there at the time used to tease her about the wine she would make when she graduated.

She never told me the story until I made her my Great Aunt’s Poppyseed cake. I still have the original paper she wrote the recipe down on.

Mia laughed when she saw that my Great Aunt says she uses Rhinegarten wine in the cake, and shouted at me, “Klein’s Line of Fine Rhine Wine!”. Mia said that’s what everyone at Davis told her she would make when she became a winemaker.

I just wanted to know if I could use Sauvignon Blanc instead, and while she was still laughing, she said what better to use than Klein’s Line of Fine Rhine Wine!

So I use our Sauvignon Blanc now. Everyone I have ever made this cake for falls in love with it, just as I did the first time I had it when I was a child.

Sift some powdered sugar on top before slicing it, and watch it disappear! – Skippy