Green and Red

October 13th, 2008

It’s Monday, October 13th and we leave for New York on Wednesday for the Wine Spectator’s California Wine Experience. Mia and I will be pouring the 2004 Chesler Red Wine Thursday and Friday nights during the Grand Tastings. The 2004 Chesler received a 92 point score from Wine Spectator and we are excited about pouring it for two nights in New York.

We (okay mostly me) are a little freaked out about leaving Dead Fred Vineyard and going to New York this week, but Mia says it will be okay as we return early Saturday morning.

So we want to sample Dead Fred again before we leave. The weather has been warm, and we hope sugars have moved in the right direction.

Mia talked to Mike Wolf and he said something about a difference in the Red leaf vines and the Green leaf vines. Mia came up with a new sample pattern based on what they discussed. Mia and I sampled the vineyard separately today as we both had different schedules.

She left me two bags for sampling. One said Red and one said Green. Here are the results of our sampling:

Mia’s Green = 25.6 brix Tracy’s Green = 25.6 brix
Mia’s Red = 22.2 brix Tracy’s Red = 22.2 brix

That’s pretty freaky that we were there at separate times, sampling the WHOLE vineyard and we got the exact same results!

Looks like we are going to pick when we get back. Well, Mia will, I’m going to Chicago for our Distributor tasting as soon as we get back from New York. I’ll let her tell you the story of 2008 Dead Fred! – Skippy