Wild Turkey Feather

Normally I’m not a superstitious person, but when I found this wild turkey feather in the vineyard during a sampling trip last week, I picked it up and saved it.

There are some wild turkeys that get into the vineyard and eat the grapes, but it is on the ends of the rows and luckily they don’t do much damage.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember a cartoon, possibly Wile E. Coyote reading a book about how to catch the Road Runner by putting salt on his tail.

I let Mia know that this feather was going to be our good luck charm for Dead Fred! Luckily Mia just smiles and humors me.

On Monday (Oct. 6th) Mia sampled and got:

Rows 1-14 22.4 brix
Rows 15-35 22.0 brix

Today we both sampled:

Rows 1-14 M= 23.2 brix T= 23.2
Rows 15-35 M= 22.6 brix T= 22.2

Please take note of Mia’s favorite number (again) 22.6 brix. I swear that number is jinxed.

Man, I need more salt! Where’s my Acme catalog? – Skippy

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  1. Tracy & Mia,

    Something about Yankee Doodle………stuck a feather in her hat and called it Frediani! O.k., no more jokes.

    Hey, the BarbersQ event sounds like heaps of fun. It will need to be a last minute decision for me, but I will try.

    Have a great day. Take care.

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