Sampling Dead Fred

We have been sampling Dead Fred a lot. We are still trying to figure out if there is any movement in sugars in certain rows or the 700 vine blocks Mia has set up for our sampling.

This last Monday, the 29th of September we went to the vineyard separately and sampled both blocks.

Rows 1-14 M= 23.0 brix T= 23.6 brix
Rows 15-35 M= 22.4 brix T= 23.2 brix

Today’s numbers:

Rows 1-14 M= 22.6 brix T= 22.8 brix
Rows 15-35 M= 22.2 brix T= 22.4 brix

It seems like they are going the wrong way! It’s pretty frustrating.

After we finished sampling we went to the winery and tasted all the red wine fermentors. Everything is really tasty. The Bressler Cabernet Sauvignon is incredible! It’s the best red ferment I’ve tasted this harvest. They are going to have a great vintage! – Skippy