Winemaker Refractometer

Today we are sampling Dead Fred Vineyard. We have separated the remaining vines in three blocks.

Rows 1-14, Rows 15-25 and Rows 26-35.

As you can see here, we already picked Rows 36 to 66, and the 5 rows of vines on the side.

While we were there, we had a chance to watch the hawks that consider this their vineyard. It was cool to hear them and watch them go into a stoop.

Here are the numbers from our sampling. T is my samples (Tracy) and M is Mia’s samples.

Rows 1-14 T= 22.3 M= 22.6
Rows 15-25 T= 23.2 M= 22.6
Rows 26-35 T= 23.0 M= 22.6

As you can see, there is something a little weird about Mia’s samples. She had me double check them myself, and I got the same numbers. I haven’t accused her of standing at the end of one row and filling her sample bags yet, but I’m making a note of it! – Skippy