Out of Oak and into Steel

Today we are taking the Sauvignon Blanc (from the first pick at Hyde) out of all the French Oak barrels and putting it in Stainless Steel barrels. Mia likes it to come out of the Oak after fermentation.

These are bull dogs. The juice in the barrels will be pushed out of the barrels by nitrogen gas and into a tank. Then from the tank it will go back down to the stainless steel barrels.

After the barrels are emptied, they are turned over to allow the last bit of liquid to drain out.

The lees are pretty liquidy. There really hasn’t been time for them to get gooey or start to solidify.

Then they wash the barrels out with a high powered water nozzle.

Then they will fill these SS barrels from the tank. Mia has marked these barrels so we can keep track of this lot as the Oak Barrel lot to continue to taste them and see how they progress. – Skippy