Fall Equinox

As we leave summer and head into fall, this 2008 vintage is one of the few where I’ve been able to really enjoy one of my favorite times of the year.

Varieties and locations prone to early ripening were all ready to pick in the latter half of August to the first half of September. Light crops only made grapes come ripe more quickly.

Sauvignon Blanc from Hyde Vineyards is in barrel, finished fermenting, and tasting lovely. Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Frediani Vineyard have recently finished fermentation and a small portion is already pressed off skins and in barrel and two larger tanks have had some extended time on skins and will be pressed this week.

We have a very small fermentor of Dead Fred Vineyard Cabernet that is still actively fermenting having been picked just this last week. This piece of Dead Fred is Clone 8 on St. George and it always ripens a little more quickly than the main block, which is Clone 337 on 110R, but this year it’s a lot more quickly. I don’t expect the main block to be ready for another two and a half to three weeks.

So a little time to enjoy watching the sun drop in the sky and the days get shorter. The moon rises in a great spot to view from our house right now and is spectacular. I feel very lucky. – Mia