Winery Happenings

Now that the Sauvignon Blanc is bottled and released, and I’ve filled you in on the weather effects of the vineyards, plus our business trips, we can talk about what’s happening in the winery.

We have tasted a lot of 2004 red blending trials. We have finalized the 2004 Chesler and Cabernet Sauvignon blends. We are also going to have a very small amount of 2004 Blue Oak Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. It will have another name, as the Blue Oak name is taken by quite a few vineyards. Look for a new vineyard name on that, but it will be a single vineyard designation Cabernet under the Selene label. It will be a little less than 100 cases. Its wonderful stuff and I hope we can continue with this vineyard as time goes on. We are really excited about this vineyard and the 2004 Chesler and 2004 Cabernet.

We are getting ready to bottle all the 2004 red wines in June. I’ve already placed the capsule order, since they come from France and it takes 3 months or more to have them made and shipped here. The same is true for the bottles as they come from France as well. We are working on corks right now. We have to do a lot of individual sensory on corks to find the specific lots and bails that we want that have non existent TCA levels or other unacceptable cork odors. We’ll be working on labels really soon. There is a lot of preparation that goes into bottling. You have to have it planned out or it doesn’t even have a chance of going well.

This is also the time that we look at barrel orders. It’s the time to get the orders in now because they have to make the barrels and ship them here in time for harvest. You have to get ahead of it. It’s tough for wineries because in most cases here we haven’t even had bud break, and bloom is even further away. We don’t really have an idea of what the quantities of wine will be. We have a basic idea, but for example the 2005 harvest was a large harvest and barrels were hard to come by because everyone needed extra barrels. It’s one of the challenges for sure. At $800.00 plus a barrel, you don’t want to have empty new barrels standing around, but you don’t want to be short either.

The 2005 reds have just gotten through malolatic in February (most of them), and it’s time for their first racking. It is pretty late, as many other things were with the 2005 harvest, so everything is later. Normally we would do our first racking in the January or February time range, and now we are in the February/March time range and I think some will even be in April. However the wines taste wonderful, and I’m looking forward to doing some blending trials with these wines this summer. There is a lot of promise for the 2005 vintage.