Yeast Trials

Mia is experimenting with new yeasts in the Sauvignon Blanc this vintage. She wants to see how different yeasts ferment and how they affect flavor. There are two new yeasts, plus the one she always uses.

You can imagine having a large tank of our Sauvignon Blanc juice that we normally innoculate with one yeast to start fermentation, and then you ‘rack’ it down to barrels (both stainless steel and new French oak).

It made it a little more complicated using three yeasts. She used 7 stainless steel barrels for each new yeast. The remaining stainless steel is our regular yeast. She is also keeping track of the different French Oak coopers during fermentation for our tasting trials.

She brought home samples of each trial for us to taste. Left to right:

New yeast #1 in Stainless steel barrel
New yeast #2 in Stainless steel barrel
Yeast we use every year in Stainless steel barrel
Yeast we use every year in Nadalie French Oak barrel
Yeast we use every year in Taransaud French Oak barrel

It’s only been 5 days, but there is definitely a difference in aromas and flavors. The first glass has true to Sauvignon Blanc aromas. It actually smells like SB grape juice, and it tastes the best also. There is nothing like the flavor of Musque SB grape juice! Yum!

The second glass is my least favorite, it’s okay, but it has some fig and grapefruit aromas and flavors.

The third glass is our usual yeast and it smells and tastes like the Selene SB I know when it’s fermenting. Very familiar.

The two French Oak barrel fermentations are very different! I like the Taransaud the best. It shows the fruit and wood together the best at this point in time. – Skippy

2 Replies to “Yeast Trials”

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to select a yeast for SB juice that I have bought locally here in Niagara.

    Can you tell me what your new yeasts #1, #2 and “use every year” are?

    Niagara on the Lake Amateur Vintners Club

  2. Hi Torben, The yeasts Mia used are Melody, X5 and D47. She has been switching it up every year to try new yeasts.

    Thanks for asking!

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