Labor Day

Today (as you probably have already guessed) we are sampling!

This is the Cabernet Franc at Frediani up in Calistoga. Look closely and you will see there are STILL some green berries in some of the clusters. Weird! Mia still says no worries, it happens, no big deal.

Here are the results from Sampling:

Cabernet Franc 25.2 brix
181 Merlot 25.6 brix
J Merlot 24.9 brix

Two cool things happened while we were at Frediani doing the sampling. First, they were watering the Franc and the row that Mia was walking down had a drip line that was chewed through by a coyote, so she called Jim (Frediani) to let him know. He said to stop by the barn after we were done sampling. His son came right out and fixed the line. Guess even coyote’s get thirsty.

So then on our way to the Merlot we stop at the barn, and everyone is hanging out checking out this antique Indy race car! Which was a beautiful car and really cool to see, but the guy behind it was Dick Vermeil!

Now, I have to tell you that I have been a Ram’s fan since I was 9 years old. I never thought I’d see them win a superbowl in my lifetime. My mentor at the time (Dennis Tarmina) was a HUGE fan of the 49er’s and knew most of the people in the 49er organization. (I don’t think I have to mention that I lost a lot of money to this guy betting on the Rams everytime they played the 9ers.)

So after the first few games of the season, he shows up at work with an autographed football from the Ram’s team.

He told me Coach Vermeil took this ball around and got it signed for me. I knew then they were going to win the superbowl.

Vermeil is involved with OnThEdge Winery. Last year, the only pick I missed was the pick where Dick Vermeil was driving the tractor at Frediani! He also drove our grapes from Frediani down to the winery. Mia said it was cool to see the cellar crew and how excited everyone was to see Coach Vermeil. He’s the real deal.

Tomorrow will be the Bressler Vineyards Merlot pick, including some of their Cabernet Franc. – Skippy

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