Let the Picking Begin!

The routine starts the night before a pick. I always make chorizo, egg and cheese burritos. I’m a night person so I don’t function well at 4am. You can’t beat throwing a burrito in the microwave on your way out the door to a pick. Plus it stays with you until lunch, which will be late for sure.

The Sauvignon Blanc at Hyde Vineyards looks awesome! Not to mention that it tastes great. Nice to have a little fruit for breakfast, with your burrito!

Mia is really happy with how it looks and tastes this year. We picked all of the ‘newer block’. Which contains both an ‘upper’ and ‘down by the creek’ block. Some years we pick them on separate dates. This year they were very close in maturity.

Last year we picked the upper block on August 31st, and the creek block on September 3rd. They totalled 18.5 tons. This year we picked them together and got a total of 15.4 tons. I think everyone is expecting lighter crops this year.

While we were at Hyde, Mia ran over to sample the Old Block of Sauv Blanc and got 23.4 brix. We share this block with Spottswoode. Looks like it will be another week before we pick this block.

After the pick, Mia went to the winery to watch the Sauvignon Blanc go through the press cycles. She took a sample of the Sauvignon Blanc coming out of the press and got 24.6 brix. It will stay in a tank tonight, and will be racked down to barrels tomorrow. – Skippy