Up, Down and Old

I should know the routine by now. I think I could sample grapes in my sleep! I don’t know why I work out in the morning, when I end up walking up and down vineyard rows, zig zagging and dodging all ankle biters (weeds).

We got a sample of the Sauvignon Blanc blocks at Hyde Vineyards today. We have the ‘new’ block which we separate into the ‘upper block’ and the ‘down by the creek’ block (which ends up being called ‘down’ or ‘creek’). Then we have the ‘Old‘ Sauv Blanc planted on it’s own roots.

Up: 22.0 brix
Down: 21.5 brix
Old: 20.2 brix

On Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Up and Down combined: 23.0 brix
Old block: 21.4 brix

Mia went to Bressler Vineyards to get a Merlot sample also. It’s at 24.7 brix today.

Did I mention it was hot? So the grapes are ripening a little faster now, so we will be sampling more often. The closer it gets to harvest, Mia will be in the vineyards every day. – Skippy