2005 Sauvignon Blanc

We are getting ready to release the 2005 Sauvignon Blanc, so it’s time to get caught up. I wanted to fill you in on the Sauvignon Blanc blending and bottling.

We basically had three separate picks from Hyde Vineyards for the Sauvignon Blanc. That means we had three distinct lots to work with in our blending. One of the interesting things that happens frequently with blending is it’s not just a matter of cherry picking your most favorite tasty lots. If you have something that you really like, you don’t necessarily start with that and start building on it. It’s about percentages, how things go together, and what makes the best tasting wine.

The other interesting thing about blending that is usually true (but not always) is that the blend is better than the individual lots that make it up. That’s the way you want it to come out, otherwise you might as well go with that single lot that tastes the best.

We did four separate tastings to make sure of our blending results. I did have a favorite lot that I liked the best, but in the end, the final blend used only about half of that lot, to make the best wine. We went back and forth, and proved it to ourselves that this was the best wine.

The racking out of barrels, off lees was very clean and settled very well in tank. So the wine was really clear from the start, prior to any filtration for bottling. I think when this happens the whole operation is easier, and the result was the wine didn’t suffer bottle shock. I started tasting it the day it was bottled and wine never really changed, it was the lovely wine we put together just before bottling.

We had a chance to show the wine in Seattle and in New York in the beginning of March, and everyone really loved the wine. It has a real nice floral character that is the standout of this wine. There is still a lot of white peach and mango character, but there is this pear blossom and normal honey suckle that you find with this wine.