Sampling and more Sampling

Well, it’s the beginning. Harvest 2008 is around the corner, so that means visiting vineyards and sampling the grapes.

I took this picture of our Sauv Blanc at the ‘newer block’ at Hyde Vineyards on July 21st. Notice how the clusters look a little loose. There is space between the berries, and the clusters are smaller than usual. It’s going to be a lighter than normal crop this year.

This is a picture of the old SB vineyard on July 21st. It’s on it’s own roots, and planted back in the early 70’s. It usually sets a smaller crop than the newer block. Look closely at the clusters here. They are bigger berries, tighter clusters, bigger clusters. Looks like the old guards are going to produce a nice crop this year!

Mia first sampled Hyde Vineyard’s Sauvignon Blanc on August 4th. It’s been hot all summer and she wanted to get a base number started on all the vineyards to see how they progress.

The upper part of the New block was 16.7 brix. The lower creek area was 17.7 brix. The old SB block was 15.5 brix. Of the three samples the upper new block tasted the best at this point.

On August 11th:
Upper new block: 19.5 brix
Lower Creek block: 20.0 brix

Clusters look nice and filled in, but the crop is still a little on the light side. The upper block has caught up with the creek block in sugars, but the upper block still tastes the best.

The seeds are turning brown. As you can see they aren’t all brown, just around 25 to 35% of them are brown. – Skippy