It’s early in the morning, and I wanted to catch up on the past couple of days.

On Wednesday we picked Cab Franc and Petit Verdot at Bressler Vineyards. The fruit looks good. It’s been a nice year for those vines. We picked just under 2 tons for the Franc, and a little under ½ ton for the Petit Verdot. We took it down to Laird, and set up three T-Bins for the fermentations. Two will be pure Cab Franc and one is the Petit Verdot with some Cab Franc. They will be yeasted today, after having a chance to soak for a couple of days. It’s not easy to ferment small lots. You need a little bit of mass and weight to get up to temperature, which is important for color and phenolic extraction in the reds. T-bins are as small as you can go without outside heating. They are approximately 4x4x4, plastic and hold just under a ton. They hold the heat pretty well.

I checked Stagecoach Vineyards and I don’t think that will be next week. It has a bit to go. I’ve been checking client’s vineyards also.

I’m planning on racking the small tank fermentation of Sauvignon Blanc next week. I also want to rack the Sauvignon Blanc in the oak barrels. I’m scheming up this plan to rack them both to one tank with some barrel lees. A lot of things happen in barrel and one of them is lees contact and clarification. That’s what I’m after with that movement, but I’ll talk more about it next week when I do it.

The fermentations for the Frediani Franc and Merlot are moving along really well. Tracy and I sampled them yesterday. You might remember I was really excited about the color extraction and flavor of the Franc with just a couple of days of skin contact. The Merlot was a little behind it, but it has caught up with the Franc with the temperature, pump overs and fermentation time it has had. I still lean a little more towards the Franc, with flavors and extraction, but they are almost even. I’m really pleased with them both.

We pressed off the Bressler Merlot a couple of days ago. We should be getting the lab numbers for that today. It’s not quite finished wine, as it’s not through malolactic fermentation. We will also be getting lab numbers on the Franc and Petit Verdot Bressler picked this week.

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