Vineyard Walks

Stuff is really starting to come together. I went out to look at a couple of vineyards for Clients this morning. One on top of Mt. Veeder and then over to Palmaz. They have a nice big ranch out there, so Tina (their winemaker) and I walked the whole vineyard. We probably have 3 or 4 more picks set up for the end of this week and the beginning of next week. Everything is really coming around. The Merlot that they crushed last week is in tank and tastes really nice. Things are coming together really well there.

I also went to Blue Oak Vineyard, where Selene buys Cabernet. It’s been a little less than a week since Tracy and I have been there. It tastes great! I ran a sugar sample on it, and got a 24.4. That’s right where we like it and it tastes like it’s ready to go. I’ve arranged to pick it next Tuesday. We are expecting a couple more warms days and then some cool days. It will probably tip the scales at a hair over 25 brix and should have some really, really nice flavors. It’s exciting. When vineyards turn a corner, you can sort of predict it sometimes, but you never really know. It’s nice to go out to a vineyard and be surprised that something is coming along more quickly than you thought, especially in a year like this when everything is taking it’s time.

Then I went over to Laird and checked on the Bressler Merlot. It tastes nice and dry, and has a good extraction, good color and tannin. I’ve arranged to have that pressed, which will happen today or tomorrow. We will drain the tank off the skins to barrel and that will be our free run portion. Then we will take the pumice and press it off, and that juice will go to barrel. That will be our press fraction. It’s nice to have that blending capability later on.

I just got a phone call from Mike Wolf. He manages the Blue Oak Vineyard for Lisa Cort and David Goldman. We talked about the details of the pick next Tuesday. We are all set, with a tank at Laird, and a space on the crushing program. I’m excited about that pick, because it tastes so good.

I’m also excited about the grapes we’ve crushed. The Bressler Merlot tastes really good. The Frediani Merlot and Cab Franc we crushed on Saturday, for Selene, are starting to pick up steam with their fermentations. I was able to get a sample right after they finished the pump overs on them today. The color on the Cab Franc is incredible! The flavors are really wonderful. I’m really excited about this juice.

We are going to be picking the Bressler’s Cab Franc and Petit Verdot tomorrow.