Night Picking and Smoke Filled Skys

Today we picked Bressler Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.  I think I mentioned how the waning crescent moon looked this morning as I was getting in the car.

Bressler Night Pick Cab Franc

I got to the pick in time at about 6am to catch the very end of it.  They picked at night, probably starting about 4am. 

4 wheeler with lights

I got some pictures of the small light set up they use for their close space rows, where they tow the light standard with a four wheel mule kind of vehicle.

Night Picking

They can move these lights up and down and back and forth.

Cool miner hat Lights 
Then the guys wear really cool miner lamps and they are able to pick, even in the really close rows that the Bressler’s have.

Night Pick Spacing and Lighting 

Fruit was in great condition. 

Loading at Bressler (Dust) 

It wasn’t a real super cool evening.  I think it was about 60 degrees as the sun came up, but the fruit is looking real good.

We crushed it up in three t-bins and combined the little bit of Petit Verdot, about ½ a ton, with about ½ ton of Cabernet Franc.  Then we have two bins of completely Cabernet Franc.

Sunrise and Smoke

You should have seen the sun coming up with the smoke, it looked like it was a full moon rising.  (maybe like the Selene Label?)

Sunrise (Selene Label lookalike)

It shows off the smoke that is in the air these past couple of days with the two fires that are surrounding us to the far north and far south, and the off shore wind conditions.

Sun and Smoke over Napa Valley

Really absolutely beautiful.  Stunning.

I also went over and sampled the Dead Fred Cabernet vineyard, which is down in Coombsville.  I just wanted to see where it’s at, and see if it’s nipping on our heels to get picked.

Being that it is down in Coombsville, it was as I expected, a little further behind (which is good) at 22.6 sugar.  Probably a good (at the earliest) 10 days out, even if this weather were to continue, probably more like a two weeks.

We are in a gradual cool down.  We are supposed to get a southwesterly surge in breeze.  Which means for Sonoma and Napa that we begin to cool down and we should blow out some of this smoke in our local atmosphere.  It’s not going to get really cold.  We are still looking at upper 80’s.  They say we might get a little trough action that might get us down to the low to mid 80’s next week. 

Tomorrow is the last pick of Sauvignon Blanc.