Heating up

It’s 7pm now and I was talking about the wind up at Stagecoach earlier today. It was really windy up there. It’s close to 1300 feet in elevation where my vineyard is. When I got back down to the valley, I noticed there wasn’t a hot dry wind. Even at Dalla Valle, which is at 700 feet elevation, there wasn’t any wind. We can experience a north wind at Dalla Valle that makes it difficult for the front gate to open. But there was no wind there today. It was definitely a very hot day. I think they felt it in the high hill areas more than down in the valley.

I spent more time with clients today. Dalla Valle is one of them. I sent samples off for analysis, yeasted tanks and looked at the fermentations. We’ll do an evaluation in the morning to see if we want to pick anything on Friday.

Then I went down to Laird to check in on the Sauvignon Blanc fermentations again. The tank fermentation is beginning to ferment, and smells great. That was the last pick from the old block. It’s heading down into the low 20’s now. The first block, which is in barrels, is down below 1-degree brix. It will get it’s near topping this Friday.

The Bressler Merlot looks good and has begun its fermentation and the pump-overs are starting to extract some good color.

I met with one of my growers, Lisa and David Cort-Goldman, and their vineyard manager, Mike Wolf, to taste last year’s wine and see how nicely it did. We have high expectations for this year’s cabernet as well. Their vineyard is called Blue Oak Vineyard, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s located in the Coombsville area of Napa, which is southeast of the city of Napa. We needed to talk about a contract, since our contract is up at the end of this year. We all decided that we are pretty happy, and want to continue on for another 3 years.

Lisa and David are really good folks to work with. They are building a house on the property, and have two great kids. Lisa started a school in Napa called Blue Oak that a lot of winemakers send their kids to.

I really enjoy working with Mike Wolf. He’s a talented vineyard manager and custom farmer that has a lot of vineyards in that Coombsville area. He’s a really good guy to work with. I work with him at another one of my new clients, Palmaz, in that same area. I really respect how he’s helped them with their vineyards. He just does good work and it makes a lot of difference.

It was a shorter day for me today. Leaving the house before 6am and returning at 2pm! I could use a little down time for sure.

Tomorrow I’ll be looking at Bressler Vineyards and Dalla Valle Vineyards to see how everything is going.