Bressler Merlot Pick

We went off to pick the Bressler Merlot.

BV Merlot spacing 

It’s a nice morning, but it didn’t cool down as much last night as it did the night before.  It’s probably about 10 degrees warmer than Monday morning.  It is suppose to be cooler today in general but a warmer start.

Bressler Sunrise

Beautiful sunrise, no real clouds in the picture, but a nice sunrise.

BV Merlot Pickers 

The guys worked really hard to pick the 2.1 tons and get it off.

Bressler Merlot Pick 

Abreu Crew

There is also some shots of the fog and clouds at both ends of the valley. 

BV Southern Fog (Bay)

One looking south towards San Francisco bay, you can see a string of clouds and fog along the horizon. 

Mount St. Helena 

Then up north through Knights Valley, you can see Mount St. Helena and just a little stream of clouds.  That is what is supposed to bring us a little cooler weather today.
It’s also illustrates what I like to tell people about.  Fog doesn’t only come from the bay, it comes from the north as well.  It’s not nearly as strong, but Calistoga and that area has its own little fog influence and doesn’t have to be completely socked in to be foggy.   This includes St. Helena which is a further south down the valley.

The Bressler's 

We got it down to the winery.  We were at Andretti, which is one of the satellite wineries that’s just down the street from Laird.  We weighed it out.

Stacey Sorting 

Stacey was doing some last minute sorting in the bins.  She is getting a few raisins off that were there, in general the fruit was in great condition.

BV Merlot Crush

We were first in line.  I don’t think any other fruit arrived before we had our fruit there. 

BV Merlot into T-Bin

We crushed it into three t-bins and put a little dry ice on it to keep it cool. 

Merlot in T-Bin

We will let it cold soak for a little bit and punch it down over the next couple of days before we get some yeast into it.

Tomorrow we will head after Selene’s Frediani Merlot (the 181 clone) and Cabernet Franc.