More Sampling

Yesterday I went out and did quite a bit of sampling and looking at grapes. I went up to Calistoga to the Frediani Family Vineyard and looked at Merlot and Cab Franc for Selene. I like how the flavors are coming along, and we are suppose to have some hot days coming up, so I set it up with Jim Frediani to pick it all on Saturday. That will be a nice big pick, probably between the two of them, somewhere between 14 to 18 tons. That’s pretty exciting, things are coming along.

I also went to a client’s vineyard that is very close by, to look at that, and confirmed a pick for this coming Monday.

Then it was off to a couple of clients to look at vineyards and make some picking decisions. I also looked at a few fermentations that are going as well. We had a nice weather day today.

Then I went down to Laird to check in on the three different Sauvignon Blanc fermentations. We have a couple of lots in barrel, and one lot that is just getting started in tank. We will be topping up the barrel lots this Friday. Which is the first step along the line of actually getting wine from grapes and juice.

I’ve been in contact with all the growers and winemakers for clients to keep the communication open.

This morning I’m off to sample the Blue Oak Cabernet Vineyard, down in Coombsville, and the Stagecoach Cabernet Vineyard, both for Selene. Then I’ll make a pit stop at a couple clients.

I am also meeting with the growers of the Blue Oak Vineyard today. I want to taste them on the wine made from their vineyard last year. It turned out really nice, and I’d like them to see the fruits of their labors. The growers, as well as the people that work in the vineyards, like to see what becomes of things once they head off to the winery and get a years worth of age on them.